ORCA.nrw-Stage Bochum

On June 06, the ORCA.nrw stage in North Rhine-Westphalia will focus on topics such as cross-university collaboration and openness in teaching. In addition to a sports and artistic program, visitors can look forward to a special political programme. The stage at this historic location is organised by the state portal ORCA.nrw. The stage programme will be held in German.

Key dates: The programme of the ORCA.nrw-Stage starts on June 06 2024 at 09:00 and ends at 17:30. But that’s not the end of the day: immediately afterwards, there will be a relaxed finale with cold drinks and hot food from the barbecue as well as live music. In the shadow of the striking winding tower of the former Hanover colliery, the “Alte Lohnhalle“ in Bochum-Wattenscheid is the perfect place to exchange ideas.

LocationAlte Lohnhalle, Lyrenstraße 13, 44866 Bochum-Wattenscheid.

Travelling by public transport: From Bochum main station, take tram line 302, which stops directly in front of the “Alte Lohnhalle Wattenscheid“ event centre at the “Lohrheidestraße“ stop. There you only have to cross the road. From Wattenscheid station, take bus no. 365, which stops directly in front of the “Alte Lohnhalle Wattenscheid“ event centre at the “Lohrheidestraße“ stop.

Travelling by car: Follow the signs for “Gewerbepark Holland, TGW“. Access is via Josef-Haumann-Straße or Emil-Weitz-Straße, where there are also numerous car parks.

Keynote speaker
Additonal programme

Keynote-Speaker (selection)

Markus Deimann
Managing Director ORCA.nrw

Sven Meister
Project Manager DIM.RUHR

Anne Mainz
Deputy Project Manager DIM.RUHR

Foto von Marco Winzker

Marco Winzker
Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Digitalization

Photo Norbert Lammert

Norbert Lammert
Chairmen of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

Handling data is considered a key skill for digitalisation – and this also applies to the healthcare sector. With DIM.RUHR, a project has recently been launched that has precisely this as its central theme, because one thing is clear: data helps to heal. But only with the necessary data expertise, as Sven Meister and Anne Mainz will explain from 09:35.

In Bochum, the fairytale hour on June 6 will exceptionally begin at 10:20 in the morning. In the contribution “The fairy tale of Open Educational Resources: The StOERntaler“, Magdalena Spaude and Nicole Dobosz will playfully address challenges and solutions in dealing with OER. The speakers even outwitted ChatGPT in the process.

Athematic highlight of the ORCA.nrw stage awaits from 16:25: the political evening. Politicians from NRW will discuss “Tales of Tomorrow“ with students and representatives from the universities in an opinionated panel discussion. The event will be moderated by Marco Winzker and Markus Deimann.

A final highlight will begin at 19:00: Norbert Lammert, former President of the Bundestag and current Chairman of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, will give a keynote speech on “Education and Democracy“ in his home town of Bochum and then enter into a discussion with the guests.

You can find the complete stage programme of the ORCA.nrw stage on 06 June can be found in our programme overview.

Additional programme

It’s not just the typical Ruhr area atmosphere that makes the partner stage in Bochum special, the program next to the stage is also impressive. You can look forward to artistic contributions, workshops, meetups, interactive information stands and a bit of sport for a change.

Meetup “Future skills in university teaching” (10:20 to 11:20)
In a globalised world, it is important to initiate decisive transformations. In an era where technological innovation and societal upheaval are the norm, it is crucial to address skills that are essential for a successful future. This makes it all the more important to train future skills specifically at a university. But how can the training of future skills be sustainably established at a university? We want to discuss this topic and possible concept ideas together. The Meetup will be hosted by Sarah Zurek from the Protestant University of Applied Sciences in Bochum.

Break in motion (12:45 to 13:00)
Not only art and music play a major role in NRW, sports science is also a popular subject. Accordingly, some exercise is a must. In order to start the second part of the official program perfectly prepared, some stretching to music awaits everyone who wants to join in.

Interactive installation “RobiClay” (in the morning)
The question is: “How can the combination of digital fabrication and traditional materials promote the working and thinking methods of young creatives?” With the advent of digital design techniques, advances in robotics and the ability to combine knowledge from different disciplines in digital processes, new horizons are opening up. Industrial robots in particular play a key role here. Our project highlights precisely this combination of art, architecture and technology. The project is being carried out by Simon Schnittker and Tobias Scheeder from TH Köln.

“Who will become a MillionOER?” (18:00)
The quiz of quizzes is back, and it’s all about fame and glory. Like last year, we are once again looking for the MillionOER in 2024. The interactive quiz is not only about knowledge, but also about speed.

Music and art from NRW (throughout)
In addition to the universities and universities of applied sciences, ORCA.nrw is particularly pleased about the cooperation with five art and music colleges in North Rhine-Westphalia. Visitors to the stage in Bochum can look forward to musical and artistic program items on and off the stage throughout the day of the event.

Evening event

Directly after the official program from 17:45, we invite all participants to a get-together. You can look forward to live music, cold drinks and hot dishes from the grill in the courtyard of the Alte Lohnhalle. A special highlight awaits all those who are in the mood for some adrenaline in addition to networking: ORCA.nrw is once again looking for the MillionOER, just like last year. Visitors will compete against each other in a quiz, with a surprise awaiting the winners.


All photos: © RUB

The presence stage in Bochum is organised by ORCA.nrw.


Participation in the University:Future Festival is free of charge. You can either follow the content of the ORCA.nrw stage program online or participate on site. A ticket for participation in presence gives you access to the festival’s digital platform and thus to all digital and hybrid program items regardless of the festival day and stage.

However, you can only experience the majority of the supporting program of the ORCA.nrw stage on site. If you also want to network locally, we recommend attending in person. Answers to the most frequently asked questions about participation can be found in our FAQs.