University:Future Festival 2020

Learning, Systems and the New Normal

Never before in the history of higher education had it been necessary to implement new modes of teaching and communication as quickly and comprehensively as in 2020. One thing is clear: the world of higher education will be different after 2020. The year 2020 was the time to set the course for the future of higher education. At the Universtity:Future Festival 2020, you could join the discussion on how teaching, learning, cooperation and exchange will take place in the future.

For three days we brought together teachers, students, university management and other stakeholders from universities, politics and society. We created a virtual space for exchange on higher education, where you could meet old acquaintances and get to know new like-minded people.

Programme 2020

The programme of the University:Future Festival focused on higher education teaching in and after the pandemic – the “New Normal”. Together, we took a look back at the digital summer semester 2020 – and a look ahead to the future of higher education.

From interactive BarCamps and exciting sessions to creative workshops – with the University:Future Festival we created a platform for an exchange on the future of higher education. On Conference:Day, national and international speakers gave insights into their personal experiences from theory and practice, on our Workshop:Day, participants were able to experience the New Normal, and on our Barcamp:Day, participants could become active and discuss what the future of higher education and the New Normal might look like.  

As we see ourselves as part of a network, we are especially pleased that the programme on all three days was mainly fed by submissions from our community!

BarCamp:Day 2020

On BarCamp:Day, 6 October 2020, the participants designed the programme and the course of the day themselves in an open format. You can find out how the BarCamp:Day 2020 was organised under Programme 2020 and in the following link.

Conference:Day 2020

In four parallel live streams on wednesday, 7 October, national and international experts talked about higher education after 2020. Among other things, the speakers at the Conference:Day of the University:Future Festival 2020 dealt with proven and unproven scenarios of the digital summer semester as well as innovative methods and tools for the future of higher education teaching.

Workshop:Day 2020

On Thursday, 08.10., the digital Workshop:Day of the University:Future Festival took place. Here, participants worked together on products and learned from each other in workshops. In terms of content, the Workshop:Day focused on exciting, innovative formats, digital teaching and the core question of the New Normal.

Showcase 2020

Over the course of three festival days, the showcase offered an area in which institutions, organizations and companies could present themselves and their work to the festival visitors – completely in the digital space. The Showcase was a space that invited visitors to stroll through the exhibitors’ offers and to get in touch with each other at the respective stands.

Creative:Space 2020

For the entire duration of the University:Future Festival, Creative:Space opened up as a room for a creative debate on “the New Normal”. Artists as well as students and people from various disciplines presented their work and thoughts in asynchronous formats during the digital summer semester. If you would like to take a closer look at the projects from Creative:Space after the festival, you can find them under the following link.