Shifting-Stage Nürnberg

On Wednesday, June 5, 2024, the Shifting-Stage in Nuremberg will provide an insight into innovative approaches to teaching and learning and present the latest research findings in the “Teaching & Learning” festival track. The partner stage is organized by the Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm and the Technical University of Nuremberg.

Key dates: The programme starts on June 05 at 09:00 and ends at 17:30. As part of an evening event, participants will be able to continue exchanging ideas over snacks, drinks and music until 22:00.

Location: LEONARDO Center for Creativity and Innovation, Karl-Grillenberger-Str. 3A, 90402 Nuremberg.

How to get there: By public transport from the main railway station U1 direction Fürth, stop “Weißer Turm“, approx. 5 min. walk. By car, pay and display car park “WÖHRL“ in Karl-Grillenberger-Str. 1B, 90402 Nuremberg.

Keynote speakers
Additional programme

Keynote speaker (selection)

Foto Isa Jahnke Nürnberg Foto: Stefan Hippel

Isa Jahnke
Founding Vice President for Studies, Teaching, International Affairs, Professor of Learning Technologies at University of Technology Nuremberg

Foto Thomas Voit

Thomas Voit
Project Manager EMPAMOS Project, Chair of Information Systems, Faculty of Computer Science, Nuremberg Institute of Technology

Foto Thomas Bröker

Thomas Bröker
Digital Teaching Research and Innovation Lab, Nuremberg Institute of Technology

Foto Anna Moraß

Anna Moraß
Scientific advisor in the Digital Teaching Research and Innovation Lab at Munich University of Applied Sciences

You can find the complete stage programme of the Shifting-Stage Nürnberg in our programme overview.

Additional programme

Workshops, meet-ups, activity stands, networking events and much more – the Nuremberg U:FF partner stage Shifting-Stage has a lot to offer in parallel to the program on the main stage!

The theme of the supporting program is to think and design future teaching together in the sense of a networked teaching-learning ecosystem (see also the Starfish project at Nuremberg Tech). Embedded in the program is, among other things, the second Bavarian Innovation Forum Digital Teaching.

Konferenz der unfertigen Artikel und EMPAMOS-Arena
The “Konferenz der unfertigen Artikel und EMPAMOS-Arena” offers a workshop format in which participants can give feedback on articles created for the anthology Game on! Designing learning in a motivating way. Co-creative work is facilitated in the form of article speed dating, a poster tour and peer consultation. The focus of the articles is on teaching developments using the EMPAMOS methodology. You can gain insights into this methodology at various playful information and activity stands.

Kitchen Stories
The most interesting part of conferences are the breaks. And at parties, there is a place where countless people have already discovered countless similarities. Today, we are combining the two and inviting you to a radical informal exchange in an underestimated place of learning: the kitchen.

Teaching-learning ecosystem
What exactly does an ecosystem in which teaching and learning can grow look like? Today we are taking the time to build a physical model that integrates elements and contexts from different perspectives. The result: a landscape that helps us to categorize our own projects and developments. Interaction with storytelling + Lego play + hands on.

LEO Labs
Welcome to the LEO Labs! The joint makerspace of Nuremberg Institute of Technology, Nuremberg University of Music and Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts is a place that combines learning, teaching, creative work and interdisciplinary exchange. The LEO Labs consist of several workshops and laboratories – from an analog workshop to a recording studio. Several workshops are offered at U:FF to stimulate creativity.

Evening event

We end the day together with finger food and relaxed music on the roof terrace. Had enough of networking? Shake a leg at the interactive installation “Crowdsourced Visuals” – a semester project by students of the cross-university digitization college “Disruption in Creativity“ of the Nuremberg Institute of Technology and the Nuremberg University of Music.

The presence stage in Nuremberg is organized by the Technische Hochschule and the Technische Universität Nürnberg.



Participation in the University:Future Festival is free of charge. You can either follow the programme of the Shifting-Stage online or participate on site. A ticket for participation in presence gives you access to the festival’s digital platform and thus to all digital and hybrid program items regardless of the festival day and stage.

However, you can only experience the majority of the supporting program of the Shifting-Stage on site. If you also want to network locally, we recommend attending in person. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about participation in our FAQs.

*Note: There is currently a waiting list for participation in presence in Nuremberg. Tickets for purely digital participation are still available.