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Jonas Andrulis, Start-Up Founder in the AI section

Jonas Andrulis

Start-Up Founder in the AI section

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About me

Jonas Andrulis started developing software as a teenager and quickly developed a fascination for mathematics and structures. After studying industrial engineering at KIT in Karlsruhe and writing a thesis on Bayesian networks, he worked as a consultant in the field of AI and modeling. He successfully founded two AI software companies: The first to plan and optimize logistics, the second to optimize human-in-the-loop training and validation of Deep Learning algorithms in human-machine interaction. After three years as an engineering manager for AI research in Apple’s Special Projects Group and later Siri, he founded Aleph Alpha in Heidelberg in 2019, his third AI startup. Since then, Aleph Alpha has raised a total of €28 million from some of Europe’s top deep-tech investors with the goal of establishing independent cutting-edge AI research and enabling technology for a new kind of AI value creation process.