Sue Attewell, Head of AI and Codesign at Jisc

Sue Attewell

Head of AI and Codesign at Jisc

About me

Sue Attewell co-leads Artificial Intelligence activity at Jisc, where she is actively involved in driving the advancement of AI capabilities within our member institutions. Our centre plays a critical role in this regard by providing thought leadership and practical advice, guidance and training and piloting AI products. Sue leads on our student and staff research and has a thorough understanding of their concerns and issues relating to generative AI. One of our key focuses is to ensure that AI adoption in the education sector is guided by ethical considerations. We provide guidance to promote responsible and inclusive AI practices, aiming to create an environment where AI technologies are utilised in a manner that benefits all learners. The potential of AI to revolutionise education is immense. It opens exciting possibilities, such as adaptive learning experiences, and reducing staff workloads. By harnessing AI technologies, education can become more accessible, efficient, and more tailored to the unique needs of each learner, ultimately making a transformative impact on the future of education.