Quintus Stierstorfer, Director Synthetic Teaching at IU Group

Quintus Stierstorfer

Director Synthetic Teaching at IU Group

About me

Quintus Stierstorfer joined IU Group 5 years ago and currently serves as Director of the "Synthetic Teaching" department at IU International University. In this role, he leads several product teams that develop GenAI-powered applications for the higher education sector. Notably, he and his team have pioneered Syntea, a GenAI-powered study companion designed to assist students in reaching their unique learning objectives. Through innovative use of generative AI and natural language processing, IU is revolutionizing higher education by deeply personalizing the learning experience. After graduating mathematics at LMU Munich, Quintus worked mainly for innovation projects and start-ups in the fields of AR/VR, machine learning and AI for IoT.