Pam Fredman, Presidentin der International Association of Universities

Pam Fredman

Presidentin der International Association of Universities

About me

Pam Fredman is the current President of the International Association of Universities, a global network of Higher Education Institutions and organizations created under the auspices of UNESCO. Her academic background is Professor of Neurochemistry at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden and she has been and is active in many of scientific and scholarly contexts. She has extensive experience from academic leadership and between 2006-2017 acting rector at the University of Gothenburg and as chair of the Swedish rector conference2009-2014. During the same period, she was a member of the council of European University Association, EUA, and the EUA Research Policy Working Group. Pam Fredman has participated in political initiatives and policy development in Sweden. On behalf of the Swedish government, she recently led the investigation on governmental steering and resource allocation to Swedish higher education institutions. She is the chair of the Swedish leadership courses for vice chancellors and deans.