November 3, 2021, 13:30 pm – 14:35 pm

Inequalities in higher education: A global perspective

We build on the common understanding that technology has in many ways improved the quality of life and accelerated societal progress. In the same vein, digital learning is believed to increase access to higher education, produce better learning outcomes, and enhance various forms of collaboration. COVID-19 sparked a rapid digitalization for many institutions around the world, allowing the GLC Leaders Study to test these claims globally. Our findings show that digital education can improve individualized learning, increase access, and enhance collaboration. However, the analysis also revealed deeply rooted inequalities at the individual, institutional, and system levels. Specifically, these inequalities often stem from societal divisions, related to an individual’s race, gender, and economic background, as well as the country’s historical context, distribution of wealth and the education system.
Based on this knowledge, we want to discuss the vulnerabilities and pressures of higher ed institutions and consider solutions and recommendations appropriate for different higher education systems and cultures.
Two of our proposed panelists are experts in the field of international education projects, and work at institutions that facilitate the exchange and achievement of global education goals. The other proposed panelists are educators and strong advocates of using open education for redressing social injustices and bring with them different regional perspectives on open educational approaches. With these different points of view, we want to explore how awareness around inequalities can be created and which solutions are suitable for tackling inequalities at different levels.
The audience will be able to contribute to the discussion on how universities can become globally engaged in combating inequalities. Specifically, we would like to explore together how collaboration -- between individuals, institutions, and systems -- can be harnessed by higher education actors.

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