November 4, 2021, 09:45 am – 10:45 am

Take me to your Excursion - Perspectives of Field Trips in the Digital Era

There is a variety of opportunities how excursions and field trips can be digitally implemented and more of them are evolving. But why should anyone do that? On site you can discover the world using all of your senses, practicing and applying scientific methodologies , without the distraction of smartphone screens and technical barriers. Life sciences excursions may work very well in a non-digital way. Can experiences gained in the field be replaced by digital substitutes?

Digital elements may complement excursions in manifold ways, either they enrich excursions on site or make full virtual field trips. This includes well-known formats like audio-guides, video documentary or recently-developed applications based on e.g. geodata or virtual 360° environments.

We offer an interactive presentation on examples and experiences introducing various digital options related to excursions. Thereafter it´s your turn: You are asked to tell us about your insights and your experiences. We can discuss benefits and drawbacks of digital formats and their future potential.

In this workshop you can get an idea how a virtual or digitally enriched field trip could be realized, get some ideas where to find resources or tools and learn from each other.




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