April 27, 2023, 13:05 pm – 13:35 pm

How to Organize Edtech at the University: A Practitioner's Field Guide for Implementing Edtech

In today's post-pandemic world, there has been a surge of interest in integrating educational technology (Edtech) in the university classroom. However, implementing Edtech can be a complex and challenging process and encompass a wide range of organizational hurdles. In our Practitioners' Field Guide for Implementing Educational Technology, we translate cutting-edge research into actionable strategies for university staff members implementing Edtech across their institutions. With research-based recommendations for practitioners and empirical examples, the guide provides valuable insight into the key organizational processes and actors involved in Edtech implementation.

In six thematic sections, the guide is designed to help practitioners navigate interconnected issues related to leadership, strategy, infrastructure and building an organizational culture that motivates staff to engage with technology.

Thematic sections:
“Leading with Educational Technology,” we provide guidance for institutional leaders on adopting a co-ownership approach to Edtech.
"Creating a Common Vision," we focus on how to build consensus among university staff to ensure that everyone is working jointly to organize digital change.
"Building a Strong Foundation," we detail practical tips for building the technical infrastructure and didactic support necessary for the implementation and effective use of Edtech.
"Maintaining Connections," we give insight on collegial networks, a source for gaining digital literacy, moral support, and means to collectively work on digital solutions.
"Unpacking Resistance," we discuss overcoming resistance to technology while also addressing staff concerns and building support for change.
"Fostering Motivation," we highlight best practices to promote teaching staff's intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to engage with Edtech.


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