April 27, 2023, 17:00 pm – 17:30 pm

Megatrends and future research

The talk presents concepts and practices on how to translate megatrends and future research into teaching and curricula development for students of different disciplinary backgrounds.
It demonstrates how “future literacy” of students could be enhanced. Reference will be paid to the principle of constructive alignment which links learning outcomes to students’ diverse disciplinary, cultural, and political affiliations and backgrounds.
A growing number of diverse research institutions, international organisations, and think tanks are reflecting on megatrends and future scenariois with the purpose of engaging in dialogue and influence policymaking. Global megatrends are trends that strongly influence different spheres of life in many countries and at different levels, covering political, economic, natural environmental, social, and cultural dimensions. They cut across different academic disciplines and include climate action and sustainability transfornmations, digitalization, growing inequalities, urbanization and smart cities, the progression toward a green economy, and sustainable finance. From a political and social perspective, megatrends also cover geopolitical shifts and the future of multilateralism, new trends in democracy and governance, migration, health and nutrition, as well as civilizational developments like demography, diversity, identity politics, individualization, and shifting gender norms.


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