The BarCamp:Day of the University:Future Festival will take place on the afternoon of 2 November 2021. In this format, participants have the opportunity to present and discuss examples of use from their own project experience, teaching or university in an open conference (BarCamp). They can also further develop these examples together with the community of the Hochschulforms Digitalisierung (HFD) and the Stiftung Innovation in der Hochschullehre (StIL).

BarCamp:Day: Procedure and format

A BarCamp:Session lasts about 1 hour and works as follows:

  • In advance, the pitch givers think about a title and a short description for their Session and submit them via the corresponding form.

  • On the BarCamp:Day, a pitch will take place before each of the BarCamp sessions: All speakers will have one minute on stage to promote their BarCamp in order to encourage as many participants as possible to take part in their BarCamp.

  • A total of more than 20 BarCamp slots are available. The BarCamp:Sessions will be allocated to the rooms according to the pitches.

IMPORTANT: Registration via the form is only possible a few weeks before the event. We will inform you about registration start via our channels.