Call for Arts & Interaction (closed)

The Call for Arts & Interaction was closed on February 12! The submissions are being evaluated.

The call for art and things to try out

At the University:Future Festival 2024, the future of academic education will also be addressed beyond the classic programme: With art projects and other exciting things to touch and try out. We were looking for ideas to discuss the topics of the festival in different ways and formats that will make our visitors think, participate, laugh and marvel. 

The proposals can be physical – for example technology to experiment with or installations – but they can also be digital or hybrid.

Graphic: Call for arts & interaction - open until February 12th

The motto: Tales of Tomorrow

Stories are powerful. They construct our reality. The future is not fixed; rather, we create it here and now through our narratives. This is what we will be discussing at the University:Future Festival 2024.

Under the motto “Tales of Tomorrow,” we contemplate futures and develop visions that go beyond the immediate. We invite participants and our speakers to collaboratively discover and share new stories. We address current and future technological developments while also shedding light on the social and intellectual context in which they occur. Together, we seek solutions and pathways into the future.

The word “Tale” can be translated as both “Geschichte” (story) and “Märchen” (fairy tale). At U:FF, we challenge established future narratives. We do not dwell in a superficially used concept of innovation, but rather aim to discuss which narratives are relevant to the future and which are truly just fairy tales.

Who we are looking for – Target Groups of the Call 

  • Artists and culture professionals who approach the Tales of Tomorrow in an artistic way
  • University members who creatively encourage visitors to participate and think

Possible formats

You can realise your ideas for the “Call for Arts & Interaction” digitally, hybrid or on-site at our event location in Berlin. Generally, anything is possible that deals with the festival topics and is technically and/ or logistically manageable. We provide the necessary space, electricity, internet and catering on site. We are always available if there are any questions about formats and feasibility.

Art projects (online, hybrid and on-site)

Art reflects what is happening today, reflects it and drives change. It casts diverse perspectives on our reality, asks critical questions about the future and thus becomes a basis for a discussion. Together with artists and cultural creators, we want to create a space for discussion that encourages a creative approach to digital media in everyday university life and engages imaginatively and critically with the Tales of Tomorrow. The U:FF brings art to life both digitally and on site, and is an exhibition space as well as a space for discussion. We welcome proposals that can be realised in the digital space, hybrid or in presence!

Target group: Artists and cultural creators

#Installations, audiovisual formats, performances

Testing and experiencing (only on-site)

The U:FF is a place for experimentation. Robots, Hololens, AI applications, and more – all of this should have its place at the festival. Through activities and interactive actions, we want to make the digital transformation of higher education tangible. Therefore, we are on the lookout for innovative teaching methods and tools that visitors to the U:FF in Berlin can try out beyond the stage. We are looking forward to your ideas!

Target group: Universities, other organizations, and individuals engaged in teaching

#Robots in teaching, virtual and augmented reality, gamification

Further ideas 

Your idea doesn’t fit into any of these formats? We still want to hear it! We welcome surprises and look forward to diverse topics and formats.

Call procedure 

The Call for Arts & Interaction of the University:Future Festival 2024 runs until 12 February 2024. After the submission deadline, your proposal will be reviewed by members of the organising team and checked for feasibility.  

Do you have questions about the Call for Arts & Interaction? Then click here to go to our FAQ.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Johanna Leifeld

+ 49 5241 9761-44