Moritz Wallawitsch, Co-Founder/CPO at, prev. CODE University

Moritz Wallawitsch

Co-Founder/CPO at, prev. CODE University

About me

Moritz is a founder, software engineer, and designer based in Berlin. In his childhood and teens, he worked toward becoming an inventor and industrial designer. When he was 19, he started his first SaaS company called, which aimed to help store owners gain online reviews from their customers. In 2019, he joined the Berlin venture-funded startup Kolonne Null as the first employee and working student. Later that year, he started studying Software Engineering at CODE University of Applied Science. His deep interest in learning psychology led him to build many projects with the common goal to help humans to learn and focus. In 2020, he co-founded RemNote, "The all-in-one thinking and learning workspace."