November 2, 2021, 16:10 pm – 16:40 pm

InclusiPHE: Research findings on Inclusive Student Engagement in Professional Higher Education

Higher Education Institutions in Europe are experiencing a steady growth of an increasingly diverse student body. Especially the Professional Higher Education (PHE) Institutions, with their rather strong practical orientation, are attracting a large number of new student groups, the so-called non-traditional students (NTS). In order to embrace this increasing diversity, higher education institutions need to adapt structurally and culturally to the needs of these students and to enable inclusion in the everyday study experience. One way of doing this is in partnership with the existing student quality assurance and representation structures within the universities, the student organisations. But even here, non-traditional students are not sufficiently represented to put their needs on the agenda. The InclusiPHE project addresses this issue and tries to find ways of supporting non-traditional students in terms of student engagement and to break down structural and cultural barriers in order to create a more inclusive higher education environment inside and outside the classroom. The InclusiPHE consortium consists of 8 members and is led by Mondragon University (Spain). Before guidelines or recommendations for action can be designed, the barriers and problems need to be closely examined and analysed in order to derive the needs of the NTS. In order to do so, an iterative multi-approach research design was set up and conducted under the lead of DHBW Karlsruhe in order to better understand the characteristics of non-traditional students and the barriers and challenges they face in higher education. The findings are recently being released in a report.
This talk is presenting the brand new InclusiPHE Report and first output of the InclusiPHE project and gives exclusive insights into the research undertaken. It invites participants to share their ideas, good practices and visions for more inclusive student engagement in (professional) higher education.

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