Sabrina Konzok, Strategic Partnerships Lead, Kiron

Sabrina Konzok

Strategic Partnerships Lead, Kiron

About me

Sabrina Konzok is a driver and innovator in EdTech and Social Entrepreneurship. As Strategic Partnerships Lead at Kiron Open Higher Education, an EdTech startup building a learning platform for refugees, she establishes new structures, strategies and partnerships for digital lifelong learning. During the Corona pandemic, she initiated to Kiron talks format with Dr. Dominic Orr. Together, they spoke to digital education experts from around the globe, discussing new trends, challenges and opportunities. Aiming to build future-proof and self-empowering systems, she builds a social innovation ecosystem for founders in Berlin as a Board Member of the Social Entrepreneurship Network Germany. Before working in Berlin, she chaired the European Youth Network of the Red Cross Red Crescent, combining 1,5 million volunteers from 53 countries. In this context, Sabrina worked on innovating the ways humanitarian aid is delivered and how people train to do so. She holds an M.Sc. in Conflict Resolution and Governance and has studied in Freiburg, Singapore, and Amsterdam.