Dr. Ann-Kathrin Stoltenhoff, Europa-Universität Flensburg

Dr. Ann-Kathrin Stoltenhoff

Europa-Universität Flensburg

About me

Stoltenhoff got her PhD in Education Sciences (summa cum laude) for a discourse theoretical study on Media Education in german Schools. Her work focuses on the intersection of Mediality, Knowledge and Difference. Currently working on her habilitation, she initiated the group «Diversity, Sex/Gender and Inclusion», and recently – with Prof. Dr. Isabel Zorn (TH Köln) – the group «Data protection and Accessibility», both located in the Section Media Education in the German Educational Research Association (GERA). She has been committed to data protection & digital autonomy for a long time. The Festival-Session was developed with Prof. Dr. Isabel Zorn and will be carried out together with her. Roland Hummel of the initiative #gnuHU (HU Berlin) will probably joyn them.