Uli Weinberg, Director at HPI School of Design Thinking

Uli Weinberg

Director at HPI School of Design Thinking

About me

Prof. Ulrich Weinberg has been Director of the School of Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam since 2007. He specialized in 3D computer animation as early as the mid-1980s and worked on artistic, technical and scientific projects for companies such as ARD, BMW, Mercedes, Siemens, Schering, Telekom, ZDF. He founded several companies focusing on 3D animation, simulation, cross-media projects and computer games. In 1994 he was appointed professor at the Film University in Babelsberg and as vice president led the university into digitalization for four years. He has been a visiting professor at the Communication University of China CUC in Beijing since 2004 and has been honorary director of the Design Thinking Innovation Center there since 2014. In 2017, the German business magazine Handelsblatt ranked him among the top 100 innovators in Germany. Weinberg co-founded the Global Design Thinking Alliance GDTA in 2017 and is also its honorary chairman. He is an internationally sought-after congress speaker and accompanies large and medium-sized companies and organisations in questions of digital cultural change. In his recent book "Network Thinking -Beyond Brockhaus Thinking" he calls for radical new thinking in education and business.