6. June 2024, 16:25 – 16:55 Uhr

Research and education for desired transitions: a plot twist?

Economic and societal progress is powered by research and education. Academia informs policy and practice and educates the professionals that manage society. But we are facing existential crises: biodiversity loss and climate change, overconsumption, growing inequalities, decreasing access to health care, rise of populism and resistance and escalating geopolitical conflicts. Could it be that academia itself is the villain in this? Could it be that the way we research and educate is helping to cause these multiple crises? This is the story of how established structures and cultures that have worked so well in the past have now become barriers against real progress. But it is also the story of how heroes within and outside academia are paving the way and transforming academia. By critically reflecting on their own ‘regime, by engaging with social innovation, and collaboratively exploring and researching ecologically and socially desired futures. In doing so they break away from an individualistic, positivistic, linear knowledge system to one that is organic, normative and explorative. Slowly this movement is gaining speed and helping to build momentum in society and seize the transition moment. How this transition tale will end is ultimately up to us, but this presentation will provide the storyline, the transition theory and the practical tools and examples that will help you to write your own ending by doing it.


Shapes of Tomorrow


Berlin Mainstage