26. April 2023, 13:05 – 13:35 Uhr

Prototyping of Future Learning — Revisited

Since its early days, the HPI D-School has challenged the status quo of constellations, configurations, and concepts of collaborative space in the triad of people, place, and process. It offers inclusive work cultures, modular studio spaces, and reliable innovation processes and is constantly evolving its understanding of teaching and learning. Our project-based, experiential learning approach, combined with the ability to conduct living lab experiments in our academic programs, allows us to learn through active practice.

In this talk, we want to share our journey over the past three years of offering remote collaboration formats and educational programs on the frontier of blended learning - on-site, online, hybrid, and HyFlex (hybrid and flexible). We will build on our previous contribution to U:FF (2021) by providing more examples and lessons learned and shine a light on what's next for the HPI D-School.


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