27. April 2023, 13:40 – 14:10 Uhr

AI Educational Technologies in Higher Education: Opportunity or Risk for Students with Disabilities?

Artificial Intelligence Education Technologies (AI Edtech) bring many opportunities to adapt higher education to the needs of its learners. For instance, learning management platforms can recommend learning resources based on the knowledge level of students. Correction software such as Grammarly or the one included in Microsoft Office applications make it easier for students to write essays. AI is also used to identify students at risk of dropping out of a course to support them before it is too late. Students with disabilities could benefit from these changes in higher education. However, are we sure that they will benefit from it? AI can entail bias against people with disabilities and exclude them further. This talk will discuss the opportunities and risks of AI EdTech for students with disabilities and invite participants to take on this perspective when developing or buying AI Edtech.


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