3. November 2021, 14:50 – 15:20 Uhr

Lightning Talks: Skills for future

Thomas Afflerbach, Silke Bustamante
"Service Design in Higher Education for Sustainability: How to Develop Student's Key Competencies"

As the world faces severe challenges, Higher Education Institutions are called to foster the development of sustainability competencies among their students. Yet, what are most effective teaching approaches and how to deploy them to develop these student’s competencies is still strongly argued about. Hence, this presentation shares challenges and success factors for designing a Service Design-based teaching and learning format to accomplish the development of key competencies in sustainability.

Alice Gruber
"Intercultural communicative competence – a necessary skill for the 21st century After discussing intercultural communicative competence and the concept of intercultural citizenship, we will explore how to foster intercultural competence in learners."

Laura Eigbrecht, Ulf Ehlers
"Call for contributions: Introducing the Global Future Skills Project"

The Global Future Skills Project intends to build the first global entry point to access visionary higher education programs aiming at future skills for their graduates. In this lightning session, we want to introduce the Global Future Skills Project. We want to share our vision and connect with participants interested or involved in innovative teaching and learning practices – to support us in promoting innovative Global Future Skills education.

Dorothea Ellinger
"Challenge-Based Learning: old wine in new bottles or educational format of the future"

Teachers seek for new ways to transform their teaching to ensure students’ active learning. Problem-Based Learning, Project-Based Learning and, more recently, Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) are examples of such approaches. Even though they share a set of common features, such as using ill-open, real, and unstructured problems as driving forces to engage students in self-directed and collaborative learning as well as to gain practical skills, these approaches are not congruent. Or are they?

Markus Goldhacker
"Regensburg School of Digital Sciences – Digitalisierungskompetenzen vermitteln"

Der Fortschritt der Digitalisierung geht mit gesellschaftlichen Transformationen in allen Lebensbereichen einher. Digitalisierung ist allumfassend, der Umgang mit der Digitalisierung erfordert interdisziplinäre Herangehensweisen. Mit der Regensburg School of Digital Sciences strebt die OTH Regensburg an Digitalisierung als interdisziplinäres Thema in allen Studiengängen fakultätsübergreifend zu verankern. Dieser Ansatz zur Vermittlung von Digitalisierungskompetenzen wird kompakt präsentiert.