Renata Szczepaniak, professor at the University of Bamberg

Renata Szczepaniak

professor at the University of Bamberg

Über mich

Renata Szczepaniak is a professor at the University of Bamberg where she holds the Chair of German Linguistics. Her most recent book publications include: Walking on the Grammaticalization Path of the Definite Article. Functional Main and Side Roads, Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2020; Historische Korpuslinguistik (engl. Historical Corpus Linguistics), Berlin/Boston, 2019; Sichtbare und hörbare Morphologie (engl. Visible and Audible Morphology), Berlin/Boston, 2017. One of her research projects addresses the usage of the sentence-internal capitalization in Early New High German (c. 1350-1650) using a multifactorial, corpus-based account. Her research interests include, in addition to historical orthography, historical phonology, historical sociolinguistics and German language didactics.