4. November 2021, 10:45 – 11:45 Uhr

The Digital Story Recipe

Learn how you can design a digital story with impact in a few simple steps.

Ingredients for your shopping list:
500 words
1L adjectives
2L active verbs
10 names
7 settings
15 props
digital tool

Mix the 500 words with 1L adjectives with the 2L active verbs, put aside for 2 hours
Take the 10 names and put them in the 7 settings, let them settle in for 2 hours, rearrange to characters
Ad 15 props, let simmer for 3 hours, allocate to characters and into settings
Pick a tool.

In this interactive and playful workshop, the participants will learn how to best connect with your audience, how to start a story, and where to end, and which digital tool is the most effective for you to make the impact you want

Following David Kolb's experiential learning cycle and Scott G. Eberle's concept of learning through play we will give impulses to create digital stories together in a safe space.

The workshop material will be downloadable as a workbook to repeat this workshop by the participants in any other settings.




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